Sightseeing tour across Kiev + Kiev Pechersk Lavra (caves)

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This tour is one of the most popular, as it gives an opportunity to see not only the main sights of Kiev, but also to visit the Orthodox shrines Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
Excursion "Sightseeing tour across Kiev + Kiev Pechersk Lavra (caves)" is for you if you want to know:

• where the Slavic land started?
• where was the city of Prince Vladimir and his son Yaroslav the Wise?
• why Kiev was called "the mother of Slavic cities"?
• where Kievan Rus was baptized?
• what is the oldest temple in Kiev?
• how to "cancel" 50% of your sins?
• where the folk hero Ilya Muromets found his last resting?
• who cured prince Vladimir Monomakh of cancer ?
• where is Stalin′s teacher tomb?
Objects: St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael Cathedral, St. Andrew church, St. Andrew street, St. Vladimir monument, Golden Gates, Opera House, Kreshatik street, Independance square, Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Statue Motherland, Lavra′s Caves . (List of objects and excursion route could be changed depending on a traffic situation and churches operating mode.)

Dress code: headdress and a skirt for women, trousers for men.

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Prices include:

Prices are per car/minibus/bus not per person and include your private tour guide, collection and return to your hotel or apartment but not entrance fees where applicable.

1-3 pax
4-5 pax
6 and more
 4 hours
3200 UAH
3600 UAH
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