If you decided to use our service – be sure, you made 100 % correct choice! Our professional managers will help you and your vacation will be more interesting and fascinating.


Main services:

1. Excursions in Kiev
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All tours are customized. Departure (date, time and place) are defined by the customer. Excursion should be ordered no later than in 1 hour. The final cost of excursions is determined by the requirements of the customer to the class and size of cars, as well as the language in which the tour will be conducted. The Company reserves the right to increase the cost of services provided by 10-15% on holidays Prices are increased for 10% in non-cash settlements. Tours can be carried out in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew as well.

2. Guides in Kiev

Our professional  guides will tour you in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew as well.

3. The best translators

• business meetings simultaneous translations; 
• support for traveling around the city (business meetings, exhibitions, presentations, workshops, shops e.t.c.);
• accommodation in apartments or hotel;
Our professional translators will do their best to make your stay in Kiev more comfortable and interesting.

4. Tours around Ukraine
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5. Transportation services (more info)

Our company provides transportation services of the European level. All our drivers are highly qualified professionals. You are guaranteed to get the comfort and confidence that everything will be at the highest level by choosing us.

6. Car rent with English speaking driver

Our company offers you the opportunity to rent a car with English speaking driver, so you could easily communicate with native speakers and get all the answers to your questions about Ukraine. Our professional drivers, with excellent knowledge of English, will drop you in short time to any place of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities with maximum comfort. Thereby you only have to relax and enjoy the spectacular view from the window of the car. 

7. Rental boats 

Rent boats (boats, motor boats, jet skis, yachts) in our company and go to a fabulous trip to the Dnieper river.

8. Accommodation in Kiev (more info)

• organization a hike to the zoo;
• search and selection of nurses.
• order tickets to the circus or dolphinarium;
• excursions for children;

For children
Your personal concierge is always in touch and ready to assist you with the answer to almost any question.
• other assistance that you may need during the trip;
• search for a hotel for animals;
• business orders (to find information, typing, sending and receiving letters and parcels by mail or courier service);
• order tickets;
• taxi;
• train and air tickets;
• flowers and gifts, food delivery;
• booking a table at a restaurant;

Additional services

"Professional concierge"