Articles about Kiev and Ukraine

There are so many fantastic monuments in Kiev. Let’s look on the most famous of them : Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota), Monument to Yaroslav Mudry (Yaroslav The Wise), Monument to Bohdan Khmel′nyts′ky, Prince Volodymyr Monument, The Monument of Motherland, Monument to Founders of Kyiv, Pronya Prokopivna and Svirid Golokhvastov.
Streets & squares
It is impossible to tell about Kiev sights in brief. For long centuries, which passed from the moment of Kiev beginnings, it grew, developed, new interesting architectural ensembles and historical monuments appeared there.
Tourists practically have no need in metro to see the main Kiev sights, but strong feet will be very useful. Exactly they are usually the main mean of transportation by the central historical part of Kiev, which abounds with monuments and simply interesting beautiful places.
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